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South Melbourne

Suite 124, 101 Moray St, South Melbourne (by appointment)

Narre Warren

Level 1, 64 Victor Cr, Narre Warren (by appointment)


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Who is a Strategy & Advice Conference for?

The Strategy & Advice Conference is our first advice conference for new clients.

Before the Strategy & Advice Conference, we will have had a Free 15-minute Introductory Call to see if we can assist with your case and if our services are a good fit for you. You can book an Introductory Call here

This Strategy & Advice Conference is suitable for all case types, including if you would like us to:

  • Provide you with confidential advice
  • Act for you to negotiate a settlement
  • Represent you in court proceedings
  • Help you formalise an agreement you have already reached with your former partner so it is binding
  • Advise you about making prenup (financial agreement)

See our Contact page for more information about the process to engage us to resolve your case.

What happens in the conference?

In the conference you will meet with David Gale, our Director and Accredited Specialist in Family Law.

We will go over your situation in detail and provide you with advice about where you stand and your options.

We allow 90 minutes for the conference to ensure that we can provide detailed advice and answer any questions you have.

What happens after the conference?

After the conference we will provide you with a written Action Plan with a summary of our advice and recommended next steps.

If you require our further assistance after the conference, we will also send you our costs proposal for the agreed work. We charge fixed fees where they are practicable to quote.

See our FAQ page for more information about our fee pricing options. 

What are your fees for the conference?

We charge $750 (including GST) for the Strategy & Advice Conference, with this fee also including a written Action Plan provided to you after the conference.

Payment is due immediately at the end of the conference and can be made by electronic funds transfer or by most major credit cards using a secure payment system.

Can I ask you a few questions before booking?

Sure thing. We want to ensure that our services are a good fit for you before you book a paid conference.

Before the Strategy & Advice Conference, we will have a Free 15-minute Introductory Call with you where we will be happy to answer any questions you have about our services.

However, we cannot provide you with legal advice in the Free Introductory Call. Legal advice will only be provided in a Strategy & Advice Conference or as part of a paid engagement with us. 


Can I have a family member, friend or support person attend the conference with me?

Yes, absolutely.

If there will be important people supporting you throughout your separation who you wish to be involved in the legal side of things, we welcome you to bring them along to the conference.

Please also note that the following persons should not attend the conference under any circumstances:

  • Your ex-partner, even if things are amicable
  • Any children aged under 18
  • Any person who might be a potential witness in your case (although we may need to speak to these persons at some stage during your case, it is best they do not attend the initial conference at which confidential legal advice will be given to you)

Do I need to prepare anything for the conference?

Before the conference we will email you our Online Intake Form using our Client Portal.

Don’t stress about filling this in if you don’t have time. It is important not to delay getting legal advice.

However, if you can complete it before the appointment, it means that we can spend more time discussing our advice and strategy with you rather than collecting your basic details.

If you would like us to review any documents during the appointment, please upload these to the Client Portal or email them to us at [email protected] prior to the appointment.

It is useful to provide us with:

  • Correspondence from the other party’s lawyer, if they have written to you
  • Any draft agreements or settlement documents you would like us to review
  • Court documents, if the case is in court

Book a Free Introductory Call

In this free 15-minute call, we will confirm if we can assist with your case, answer any questions you have about our services, and discuss the next steps. This call is with David Gale, Director & Accredited Specialist in Family Law.